Sunday, May 22, 2011

.Reunions and Cataclysmic weather.

.this world of ours has fallen apart
we live in the ruins held tightly to our hearts
what do we miss most?
nothing seems to have changed
we pursue the destinies the wrong turns we took led us to
the chances of way back then, caged

can't we live in the past?
i know that boy's grown up now
that girl is not the same
and another heart's been wound into this
but we still have the stories
and four lives isn't that long ago, is it?

those silly games we played
they'll be replaced by wars
whose side am i taking?
i don't want to hurt you
but i can't hurt them
hearts are not mine for the breaking

the dreams i turned to
they couldn't tell me what i had to see
i failed to realize that wishful thinking
wouldn't bring you back to me
the words in the night sky
fade away just like you did
we should've seen it coming
we wanted what they all forbid

can't we hope for a future?
i know it seems so pointless
what with our little constricting world
standing so still
and the rifts in our trust endless

the friends we once had
are now a distant dream, a lie
a disappointment that has left me numb
and devoid me of the will to try
but we still have the stories
and looking back in a while
four lives will be long ago, won't it?.

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