Sunday, October 11, 2009

.forgive me.

.The sun may shine but the sky is gray
It gets harder to keep my tears at bay
I know I’ve hurt you, and now in me you’ll never believe
Please don’t take this as reason enough to leave
'Cause you said you’d always be there and I trusted you for it
We’re both haunted by this crime I never wanted to commit
You say I’m a liar, 'cause I’m at fault
Why is it so hard to find words to revolt?
You repeat the twisted words you heard from fools
Then you say my silence confirms these “facts” to be true
But I’m not silent. What I am is speechless…

Friday, May 29, 2009

.:safe in your heart:.

step back from the chaos, see the world from outside
you haven't put things in perspective for a while
remember me? you'd let go of my hand in the crowd
you were lost in the busy confusion, my voice drowned out by the loud
you think of me now, wishing i could return
but you don't need to worry, though i appreciate your concern

like all the dreams you see at night
i'm safe in your eyes
this world is so fast, let me rest for a while
i'll be safe in your smile

slow down, please wait, i'll catch up if you give me the chance
as long as you keep that place for me your heart, i'll continue to advance
i know i've got a long way to go, you've reached so very far
it got hard for you to stop, over 90 miles in your shiny car
but it's not what you desire, not like i am, never will be
you think you might have come too far ahead me to retrieve

believe in me and i'll come to you
i'm safe in your thoughts
i can't wait to get through all of these demands
and then,
i'll be safe in your arms

you're completely forgiven, though you left me alone
there was just so much else that had to be done
you had come close to giving up, but you waited
the time that we have lost can't all be compensated
but we have what we want; you-your dream, me-my dreamer
the stars seem set right, now that we're together

this world is too fast, now rest for a while
i'll be safe in your eyes
you'll find another dream now, a new start
.:i'm safe in your heart:.

Thursday, May 7, 2009



My heart stands still
Then why am I still breathing?
All I wanted was you, until
You gave me this wound that won’t stop bleeding

I thought you’d made it very clear
That you couldn’t care less, but how come
Your gaze, your thoughts are fixed on me, my dear
And when I needed you to be near
When I needed you to confess your feelings
You gave me an answer worse than any at all
You said nothing

So you know I’m with him now
Then why do you still haunt me?

I love him more than I love you now
But a replacement for you, none could ever be
You know it’s true
You know I just want you
To tell me
And yet, if words fail you again
You know all you gotta do is—

Say nothing
‘Cause we both heard what our hearts said
Though we don’t know what it is
That keeps us apart

You can leave it all unsaid and walk away
You can leave me standing dead and think it’s okay
In the end I’ll still know you’re hurting
I’ll always know what should’ve been
And all you had to say was nothing

My life stands still
Now that you're not in it
I fool myself into thinking I will
But how to let go,
when I can’t forget?

My world without you;
What I am when you're not here;
Everything else in comparison;
And the one thing you could never mean to me:

So, you’ve always known I'm a crazy dreamer
So, nothing will come of this at all
You're not a very good liar either
But we don’t need justification after all

So say nothing
‘Cause we both hear what our hearts are saying
Though we both know what it is
That keeps us together

You can leave it all unsaid and stay this way
You can leave the world behind and with me stay
But you won’t
And in the end
I’ll always know what could still be
And all you
had to say was…nothing

Saturday, March 21, 2009

.you taught me how the rain.

Make me believe you're falling for me
just to make me fall into you
Blind my vision, so i can't see
the chaos that you're leading me through
Give me shelter under your violet cloud
saying it's so i don't get wet
thinking i don't know what it's all about
but i do, so stop messing with my head

What if i told you that i loved you
just as easily
as you say to me that you do
every time you look at me?
Would that change the fact that none of this is true?
and that you only say you love the rain
to make me love you...

I ask you what you're thinking
i never get an answer
I only want to clear my doubts, just a conversation
but in return you only move in closer

Make me believe that i want this
just because it's all you want from me
All that's missing with us, I do not miss
'cause this isn't how love should be

These raindrops aren't sweet anymore
their cold caress scares me
You're drowning me, ravaging me to the core
And then? Drenched and devoid of emotion, will you let me be?

Make me believe that this is love
just so that i'll return it blindly
Make me wonder, when'll it finally be enough?
wonder, why do i let you do this to me?

I'm not sure when, but what if i wake up
and what if the sky is clear?
I won't tell you i saw through your haze
just that i held you dear
What if i walk away into the sun, and you knew
that i only said i loved the rain
because i loved you.


.maybe my heart is made of ice

that's why my hand in yours is so cold

maybe i cant handle a compromise

that's why my words are so brazen, too bold

i'm shallow from afar, but i deepen, the closer you get

nomatter how near to you, or far,

the only one you'll never forget...

the shine's what catches your eye at first

you're unaware that it can blind, too

addictive, appealing to your thirst

but what if this illusion binds you?

i'm hard as ice, brittle as snow

so hold me gently, but don't let go

i'm hard to hold onto, never without heartache

but i'm yours, and if you drop me, i will break

i only melt when you hold me

i don't want the edges to cut you

like they have, everyone else, already

yet, if i hurt you, it wasn't what i meant to do

you say you've got me, i wish you did

still holding me so gently, i might just slip

you think you've lost me, but there's always fate

and eventually, ice does evaporate...