Wednesday, October 12, 2011


.the one with a thousand names.

.she stands on a balcony. in a tower of a castle on a cliff.
.she watches the summer pass the ocean by, and sings to the setting sun...

.this was doomed from the start. every little russet brick. built to end and take us with it. all because i can't talk and you can't live two lives apart. lulling me deeper into this sleep, you're waking yourself up. i can feel it. and my letters won't reach you. when i don't send them. because it wouldn't make a difference. they were written to end from the start.

i want you to give me a flower. so i can burn it and watch the flames sear it. every little russet petal. like i watch you sear my heart every second you're not my version of you. in silence. 'cause i won't stop you. i won't tell you anything. do what you want, and i'll listen. it'll be alright, after all. i would never have changed a thing. not even if i could.

free, with a letter. restless bird. unless you tie me down. trapped. and it's starting again. like before. retrace the text. what happens next. not again...
.i forgot.