Sunday, May 22, 2011

.give me a name.make me real.

.Eyes that know my soul to its very core
but don't know it yet
They look too deep into it all and lose perspective
make everything beautiful in their own way
What they don't see

Lips that frame words not meant to be understood
because they're not for you
Words that build castles in the air
and tear them down because they're too real

And I watch helplessly as the weather changes
I'll make sense of it all, but only just
I paint you a sky, you'll leave it untouched
Your world is not for me

You may think I'm easily read
but you speak a different dialect
And you could write a thousand songs
to me they will be silent

A mind that knows I'll listen
but always tries to make me talk
All the right words, are the wrong words
I've said too much

A voice that whispers dreams into my ear forever
I hang upon its every word
So long as it's there, I won't have to wake up
I know when I do, I won't remember

Decipher the universe for me, feed this world I made up
Compare me to sunshine, draw me clouds of cosmic dust
Make me surrender, then tell me I've won
Play with foundations of trust

And I may think the world of you
but the world, it crumbles around us
The bridges that you build for me will burn before they've bound us

We'll stand on opposite edges of this realm and reflect
What will it be?
A soul tethered to the ground by a cloud
calls out to its pieces within me

The sun rises within your eyes and melts the static hush
Fire changes the world for us from black and white
Look for me in your dreams and ask yourself if I'm real, once you're awake
One of us will know how to complicate
Hypothetical is all we ever were, and I can't tell if you see the irony
I help keep things real for you, my escape from reality.

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