Saturday, March 21, 2009

.you taught me how the rain.

Make me believe you're falling for me
just to make me fall into you
Blind my vision, so i can't see
the chaos that you're leading me through
Give me shelter under your violet cloud
saying it's so i don't get wet
thinking i don't know what it's all about
but i do, so stop messing with my head

What if i told you that i loved you
just as easily
as you say to me that you do
every time you look at me?
Would that change the fact that none of this is true?
and that you only say you love the rain
to make me love you...

I ask you what you're thinking
i never get an answer
I only want to clear my doubts, just a conversation
but in return you only move in closer

Make me believe that i want this
just because it's all you want from me
All that's missing with us, I do not miss
'cause this isn't how love should be

These raindrops aren't sweet anymore
their cold caress scares me
You're drowning me, ravaging me to the core
And then? Drenched and devoid of emotion, will you let me be?

Make me believe that this is love
just so that i'll return it blindly
Make me wonder, when'll it finally be enough?
wonder, why do i let you do this to me?

I'm not sure when, but what if i wake up
and what if the sky is clear?
I won't tell you i saw through your haze
just that i held you dear
What if i walk away into the sun, and you knew
that i only said i loved the rain
because i loved you.

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