Saturday, March 21, 2009


.maybe my heart is made of ice

that's why my hand in yours is so cold

maybe i cant handle a compromise

that's why my words are so brazen, too bold

i'm shallow from afar, but i deepen, the closer you get

nomatter how near to you, or far,

the only one you'll never forget...

the shine's what catches your eye at first

you're unaware that it can blind, too

addictive, appealing to your thirst

but what if this illusion binds you?

i'm hard as ice, brittle as snow

so hold me gently, but don't let go

i'm hard to hold onto, never without heartache

but i'm yours, and if you drop me, i will break

i only melt when you hold me

i don't want the edges to cut you

like they have, everyone else, already

yet, if i hurt you, it wasn't what i meant to do

you say you've got me, i wish you did

still holding me so gently, i might just slip

you think you've lost me, but there's always fate

and eventually, ice does evaporate...


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