Friday, May 29, 2009

.:safe in your heart:.

step back from the chaos, see the world from outside
you haven't put things in perspective for a while
remember me? you'd let go of my hand in the crowd
you were lost in the busy confusion, my voice drowned out by the loud
you think of me now, wishing i could return
but you don't need to worry, though i appreciate your concern

like all the dreams you see at night
i'm safe in your eyes
this world is so fast, let me rest for a while
i'll be safe in your smile

slow down, please wait, i'll catch up if you give me the chance
as long as you keep that place for me your heart, i'll continue to advance
i know i've got a long way to go, you've reached so very far
it got hard for you to stop, over 90 miles in your shiny car
but it's not what you desire, not like i am, never will be
you think you might have come too far ahead me to retrieve

believe in me and i'll come to you
i'm safe in your thoughts
i can't wait to get through all of these demands
and then,
i'll be safe in your arms

you're completely forgiven, though you left me alone
there was just so much else that had to be done
you had come close to giving up, but you waited
the time that we have lost can't all be compensated
but we have what we want; you-your dream, me-my dreamer
the stars seem set right, now that we're together

this world is too fast, now rest for a while
i'll be safe in your eyes
you'll find another dream now, a new start
.:i'm safe in your heart:.

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