Saturday, November 12, 2011

.take me home, lightstring.

.but they all turned into black glass beads.

i cant say i dont know
i wont say i do
we bring this night only one star with you
can you see it
will you take it
will you take us and drown
big fish in small pond
little fish in smaller cloud
take them with you when you go out
wait, i'll make them so proud
am i forgetting something
am i wishing out loud
are we there yet
is it fair yet
it's still something you can't covet

so no one told you
no, let me hold you
warm up, won't you
i am so very cold
this is getting old
too much too soon
so many stars too many
string of lights unwind me
like deltas in the sky
but only one little raft
littler journeys
much more anticipation
are we there yet
do you care yet
ember, when we've only just met

meander meander
when we're lost we'll surrender
this has been worth anything that i'll miss later
but not for you
you're lighting up promises now, too
take them with you when you burn out
secret weapons are finally about
ember, i don't know why we can't shout
so there's pretence and hope
wait, you said it out loud
but what about me
garnets will cry as embers turn onyx
are you there yet
do you care yet
do you care anymore.

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