Saturday, September 3, 2011

.hello emptiness.

.this summer will be cold in memories.

.staring into the wind
the girl stands
with a spark at her mouth
spinning smoke
spinning windswept clouds
she knows you're coming
she hears your voices
lingering in the crevices of her mind
a writhing, wavering little thing
drawn always to you
she needs you to complete
the spaces she's blocked out
from a world that's locked her out
she brings it upon herself
he kisses her goodbye
every time
she smiles

wait for him to leave
she already knows
catch the door he swung back to close
you need no invitation
lurking has always been your approach
the floor makes footstep-sounds
creep up behind her
butterfly kisses against her shoulder
her head reclines
sadism plays on the curl of your lips
she smiles

you've got me to yourself now
you say
she watches the spark at your mouth glow
in the dimness, you have ember eyes
spinning smoke
in reverse
spinning her life open backwards
sit beside her on the dusty steps
in the muted storm
in her empty front porch
this summer's gonna be cold in memories
post-rain evenings, dirty roads
dust storms and dust bunnies
cars rushing by
empty houses
she smiles

dusty porch-steps, lonely streetlight
windswept trees
he was here just last night
no moon
no witnesses
no wonder she's in distress
you lull her into slumber
your twisted work of art
forever wakeful, unfinished
you'll lose her to him soon
but not forever
she'll give herself over to you
another summer
she smiles.

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