Thursday, June 30, 2011

.high on cough syrup. phase two.

.the streak of color.

.he left scarlet blossoms for the bruised statue
this winter has waited too long to touch you
she'll vent hypocrisy, see how much you
let the summer burn her sorrow

a whirlwind of fate-set-in-motion stored inside a jar
and if we blur lust and emotion, that's just who we are
the darkness of a street engulfing two shadows in a car
I don't learn from mistakes, my love, mislead me and I'll follow

chain reactions are with the aftermath, I should've let you see
must it always be persistence against volatility
I am not the child I want you to perceive
an incomplete truth doesn't mean it's all for show.

that star looks lonely, coiled up in clouds, let's go for a swim
self-destructive tendencies aren't just another whim
yes, it's all planned, but I wonder which way captivates him
I'll spend a lifetime making it up to you. are. you. listening?

and I know this could be the one that destroys me
my heart throbs with anticipation, bittersweet sorrow
there's only so much of your color I can borrow
I'm dissolving
.are you waking up?

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